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how it works

  • 1. You contact us.

    Let us know you're interested in selling. Submit you information below, or by calling us at 281-249-9330.

  • 2. We view your home.

    We'll get in touch to answer any questions you have and set up an appointment to view your home.

  • 3. We make an offer.

    A few days after viewing your home, we will contact you to make an offer.

  • 4. You get paid.

    If you accept our offer, we set up a time to sign and close, and you get paid.

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why sell to us

no realtor fees

Not dealing with a realtor means no realtor fees, and that’s more money in your pocket.

no cost to you

We take care of all surveys, inspections, and any other costs associated with the sale of the house.

quick closing

If you need to sell fast, we’re the solution. We’ll get an offer to you in just a few days and close as quickly as possible.

we buy as-is

Don’t worry about making repairs or upgrades, we’ll buy your house exactly as it is.

common questions

How much in fees is taken out of the sale price?

None. The amount that we offer you is the amount that you receive after we close. We will pay for any expense related to the sale of the house, such as inspections, surveys, and repairs.

Do I need to make any repairs before you’ll buy my house?

No. We will buy your house as-is. You don’t have to do anything – no repairs, no modifications, no upgrades.

Why would I sell to you rather than listing with a realtor?

If you’re wanting to sell your house quickly, we’re the best option. We’ll come out and look at your house, order (and pay for) any surveys or inspections, and then make an offer. There’s no way to know how long it will take selling through a realtor.

Your home typically needs to be move-in ready if you sell through a realtor as well. So if your home needs repairs, you’ll have to pay for them. If you sell to us, we’ll buy your home exactly like it is.

If I submit my information, am I committing to selling to you?

No. When you submit your information, you’re just letting us know that you are exploring selling your home. We’ll first contact you to answer any questions you have, and then schedule an appointment to come look at your house if you want to continue.

I don’t want anything in the house, do I have to remove everything?

No. After the house is sold you can walk away and we will take care of removing everything.

If I fill out your form will I get a bunch of spam mail or unwanted phone calls?

No. We do not distribute your information and it is all kept on our secure server. The only communications you will get will be directly from us to discuss your house. We will contact you via your preferred contact method that you choose when filling out the form.

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about our company

Green Caye is a small family-owned company that has been operating for over 30 years. We started as a home builder in 1985 and have built over 1,500 houses in the south Houston area. While we no longer build houses, we still have a strong presence in the area; in addition to purchasing houses, we also operate three other entities: a rental community, RV park, and golf course.